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Hibito's missing upon understanding he won't be going to space anymore, after a talk with Chief Butler. The situation persists for several days, which has a negative impact on Mutta's performance.

Watsuki Nobuhiro is a manga artist, who has created among many other titles the immensely popular Kenshin manga series, about an ex-assassin turned wandering samurai.

To keep practicing the ancient art of "reproducing what your eyes see on paper / stone tablet / parchment / screen / etc" I've been doing some more drawing studies, 'copying' two more everyday items one can find around the house.

Mutta and Hibito's parents come visit them in Houston to celebrate New Year's. Hibito's coming to terms with the fact that despite overcoming his anxiety disorder, NASA's not keen on giving him a new mission.

Third clip Attack on Titan dub released; Funimation sues over counterfeit merchandise; Japanese chewing gum commercial is like from another world.

Ledo saves Bellow's scavenger ship by annihilating the attacking pirates, but the people of Gargantia's fleet aren't happy. They know the pirates will have to retaliate, meaning Ledo's intervention only made things worse.

Kenji is struggling with being both a father and an astronaut. He isn't assigned to a mission yet, so he feels he lacks purpose. But he is nonetheless training intensively, meaning he hardly gets to spend time with his wife and daughter.

The misfit backup crew of the next moon mission, CES-62, finally seems to become more of a team. The tragic background story of crew member Betty is revealed.

Attack on Titan: more voice actors for the English dub announced; Live-action Rurouni Kenshin cast talk about the upcoming sequel; Singaporean cosplayer featured in online IKEA commercial.